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Industrial Water System Disinfection

Environemntal Compliance Resources supplies AQUAFIT for use in many types of industrial water systems as a disinfectant. These application range from simple domestic well water treatment to very sophisticated fruit and vegetable wash water systems for the improvement and protection of our food safety program.

AQUAFIT is also used in the treatment of cooling tower water systems.

Drinking water and Waste Water Disinfection

AQUAFIT calcium hypochlorite comes in granular or tablet form. AQUAFIT tablets come in two convenient sizes; 1-inch and 3-inch diameters. AQUAFIT tablets can be purchased with or without a scale inhibitor.

ECR's AQUAFIT tablets will work in any automated feed system designed for calcium hypochlorite tablets. Our product has been successfully used in feed systems built by Arch, Hammonds, and PPG style chlorinators.

Crop Irrigation System Protection

AQUAFIT is registered with the US EPA for use as a disinfestant and algeacide in crop irrigation systems. AQUAFIT is Organic Approved under the USDA National Organic Program and the Safe Drinking Water Act.

AQUAFIT keeps drip systems clean and free flowing.

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